The Geochemistry Section conducts chemical and geological research and service to address economic, energy, and environmental issues. Our experienced researchers and analysts are dedicated to high-quality work that brings scientific insight and information to a range of real-world problems. Our offices and laboratories are located in the Natural Resources Building on the campus of the University of Illinois.

Areas of research include:

  • Investigations about the sources, spatial and temporal distribution, and movement of selected elements, isotopes, and compounds within soils, sediments, rocks, and waters.
  • Modeling and experimental laboratory studies to better understand important processes in the geosphere such as chemical fate and transport.
  • Integration of geochemistry as a means of advancing multidisciplinary investigations.

Analytical services available to everyone include:

  • Chemical composition of solids, liquids, and gases
  • Mineralogical composition of solids, thin films, and powders
  • Stable Isotope analysis of liquids and solids, and
  • Age determination using optically stimulated luminescence methods

As a University-based research organization, we strive to be a reliable and unbiased source of data and information. For information about developing collaborative research projects, getting technical advice from our experts, or submitting samples for analysis, please contact the Section Head, Randy Locke.