Pricing, Billing, and Payment


 Internal Rate
in USD
External Rate
in USD
Water Isotopic Analysis:
δ13C of DIC – Dual Inlet (Well Water Brines) *$49
δ13C of DIC – GasBench$15$20
δD & δ18O of freshwater – TCEA$17$22
δD & δ18O of brines – TCEA$TBD$TBD
δD & δ18O of freshwater – GB$19$28.50
δD & δ18O of brines – GB$19$28.50
δ34S of dissolved sulfate$69$105
δ34S & δ18O of dissolved sulfate$86$122
Isotopic Analysis of Carbonates:
δ13C & δ18O (User provided preparatory labor) – KIEL$8$13
δ13C & δ18O (Lab provided preparatory labor) – KIEL$15$24
δ13C & δ18O (User provided preparatory labor) – GasBench $7$9
δ13C & δ18O (Lab provided preparatory labor) – GasBench$9$12
Isotopic Analysis of Solid Organic Material:
δ13C & δ15N (User provided preparatory labor) – EA $10$14
δ13C & δ15N (Lab provided preparatory labor) – EA $16$20
δ18O of solids – TCEA $16.25$25.25
Organic C Decarbonation$14$18
Sample Grinding$25.50/hr$42.00/hr
* Please contact Greg Cane prior to sampling
DIC extracted via vacuum line technology and analyzed via dual inlet IRMS

Billing and Payment

Invoices are generated and sent with analysis results.  U of I researchers should specify U of I funds (i.e., CFOP) to be used for payment during sample submission.

External submitters should receive a UIUC Banner account prior to sample submission. The lab can assist in setting up a Banner account.  Payment can be made online by going to and logging in with the UIUC Banner account number assigned to your department, group, or business. Please reference the invoice number during payment.

Payments can also be mailed to:

University of Illinois Payment Center
General A/R
28394 Network Place
Chicago, IL 60673‐1283
ISGS FEIN# 37-6000511

When making out your payment, please be sure to reference the invoice number, your UIUC Banner account number, and University of Illinois Fund number and make payable to University of Illinois, Fund 304203.