Sample Submission

Before mailing any samples, please contact the lab manager, Gregory Cane at, to discuss sample type, quantity, and analytical needs. Upon agreement, samples can be mailed to:

Illinois State Geological Survey
ATTN: Gregory Cane
615 E. Peabody Drive
Champaign, IL 61820

  • Follow the sample requirement guidelines provided in the Samples and Services section below.
  • Samples must be clearly labeled.
    • Sample IDs should avoid using special characters, such as: $ ! # & * (these symbols are not compatible with our analytical software).
  • Shipments must include a detailed sample manifest, as well as a letter detailing the account number, researcher name, and address for invoicing purposes. We receive many boxes of samples and your letter will help distinguish which samples belong to which client.
  • Specify if you wish samples to be returned to you. Samples will be stored for up to 3 months after results have been reported. If you wish samples to be returned, include a FedEx or UPS account number in your correspondence.